There are three types of weekly lessons available: half-hour, one hour, or 90 minute lessons. It is recommended that beginners take an introductory half hour lesson for a one time fee of $20. This will let the student and/or parents gauge their interest and allow the student and teacher to get to know each other!



All ages!  I consistently teach students from 4 years old through adult.



Rates are calculated based on the length of the lessons.  Lessons can be schedule and paid for individually, however in order to reserve a consistent time slot lessons must be scheduled and paid for monthly.  If you choose a monthly plan you will have a lesson scheduled once a week.

Lesson Duration Single Lesson Rate
Half-Hour $30
One-Hour $60
90 Minutes $85



It is expected that the student will attend their regularly scheduled weekly lessons on time and fully prepared. In order for the student to be fully prepared, he/she must have practiced the material assigned for that week (suggested amount of practice time varies by student) and be warmed up for the lesson. If a student must miss a lesson due to illness or other personal reasons, the lesson will be rescheduled. If it is not possible to reschedule a lesson, then the money for that lesson will be refunded. If a student misses a lesson for other reasons without advance notification (24 hours), the lesson will not be rescheduled, nor money refunded.  Periodically I must travel for performances, and if this is the case and the lesson cannot be rescheduled, you will be refunded for the missed lesson.


Required Materials:

It is essential for every student to bring all materials to every lesson.  This includes assigned music, violin, shoulder rest, notebook, etc.


Lesson Location:

My private home studio is located at Dobson Glen on Baseline and Longmore in Mesa.  The studio is conveniently located 5 minutes away from Andrews Fine Violins, Arizona Fine Violins, the I-60, and the I-101.



I believe that performance and collaboration are vital to musical growth.  In addition to preparing students for youth symphony events and auditions, all-state and regional auditions, chamber music performances, and solo performances, I coordinate a public studio recital each semester to showcase my student’s work.


Teaching Philosophy:

In my nearly ten years of private violin instruction experience I have developed some essential principles that guide my teaching:

-Enable and encourage the student to use critical thinking and listening skills to teach themselves in the practice room.

-Inspire students and show them they can do even more than they thought they could.

-Gracefully celebrate the students personal best.

-Encourage the student to explore various musical, cultural and artistic genres.

-Provide exposure to the arts for the student.

-Demonstrate the importance of continually desiring to learn.

-Impart clear and accurate information and guidance in regards to all parts of violin playing.

-Acknowledge the students musical comfort zone and go carefully beyond it.

-Respond to questions and frustrations with patience, understanding and awareness.

-Be willing to explore with the student to find solutions to problems.

-Invite and encourage the student to think for them self and give them careful guidance along the way.

-Always be lovingly, completely honest.

-Stress the importance of being well rounded as a musician and individual.

-Encourage the student to perform as often as possible.

-Emphasize the importance of careful, precise, patient practice.

-Celebrate the joy and fun of music making!

I emphasize classical violin training in my studio because I believe it is very important to have a thorough and strong foundation in violin technique and musicality, but I also teach fiddle, improvisation, and other alternative styles to those who are interested. 🙂